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The Nobility

I don't know
I don't care 
I can't see how or when
I just believe
I know it will come
I know it will be beyond imagination
No more milling in the outer courtyard
No more gazing at the gates from without
We're going into the palace
I belong there, so do you
Our feet fit on the ornate floor
Our eyes are called to drink in
All the beauty of the throneroom
The scepter is extended to us
The sacred scroll is open
Plead your case to the Judge
The King alone knows when
He waits for us to move
Daring to enter the inner court 
My feet burn to move 
Though sometimes I feel frozen
Yet my feet are not mine alone
One greater than I 
Owns them more than I
We will dance together
Kissed by the reflection of priceless gems
Caressed by the sound and light of flawlessness
Bathed in unfathomable glory
Stepping into the truth of identity
Resting in the river of peace
Flying over the bedrock of reality

Stephen Pursell, 7/26/05