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Husband In The Forge

Make a man out of me, Lord
Even as you love your church
Giving yourself up for her
Make me the Proverbs 31 husband
Righteous and respected
Seated at the city gates
Make me a worthy mantle 
A holy covering
That under me she may flourish
Safe and free
Frugal and industrious
Abundant and generous
Sharpen my countenance, God
Teach me to set my face like flint
A noble wife deserves this
One worth more than many fine rubies
I know not the way
But in truth, you are the Way 
By the way, you are the Truth
Be a lamp unto my feet
That I may walk in the light of your path
I cannot do this alone
I need you 
Without you I am nothing 
But in you are all wisdom's treasures
Deep rivers
And a sumptuous banquet 
So take me in
Stoke the fire
Put me to the anvil 
Bring down the hammer
Turn me and shape me
Make me someon
e she can respect 

Stephen Pursell, 8/05