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Fly Away Home

I understand, I really do
I too know the struggle to receive love
The pain of the inability of it
I know...I know
But it still hurts
I loved you
I longed to give
I loved rubbing your feet
I longed to work with you more than you let me
I wanted to cook for you, feed you well
I longed to whisk you away
Little rescues from your overstuffed days
To put my gifted hands to work
Massaging your weary flesh
Stripping you stress
Yet still I cry out 
From that simple place  
A place we both know 
One searching for fulfillment
Knowing answers to what fills the heart's holes
Yet never quite laying hold of them
From that place my heart cries to you
How could you not let me love you?
The simple things
Passion without nakedness
Love without words
Sweeping the floor, carrying the puppies 
Little things, little things
Nevertheless I thank you for these few
These stolen moments of life, little things
Gifts to me I treasured, I thank you
With the greatest fondness
Tenderness, in hope of your joy
Fly away, friend
Find your home 
And the one
Whose little things you will love
And receive

Stephen Pursell, 7/25/05