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A Daughter's Union

So Father, I hold her up
Even as Abraham offered his son
I come to you broken
Presenting the one I have loved
The one I thought you gave me
Longing only for her provision
Trusting you to fulfill her every need 
When first I held her I committed it to you
For in you alone is all Life
Giving and taking away
I thank you for your sovereignty
That she is yours, I could never doubt
Whatever it takes
No matter the cost
Raise up a fit one worthy of her
One who speaks life
One who covers her in holiness
A yokefellow for her destiny
A strong vessel as her head
I pray for his fullness in Christ
Wake him in the night to pray for her
Strip him of himself
Reveal your Son in him that he may lead her
Refine him in your furnace of affliction 
And bind them together in your yoke
One flesh, one spirit
Singular in purpose
Sealed in unity 
Mighty for you
Revealing you glory in the earth
Fulfilling their hearts' desire

Stephen Pursell, 7/25/05