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Your Feet

        I seek you, I close my eyes
I see your feet
Lovely, simple, sandaled feet
The feet that walked along the lake
I hear the gravel crunch
I hear the waves lap
Wind kisses
Voices of the fishermen
My lovely Lord speaks
"Follow me!"
And they piled out of the boat
Feet that stood in the bow of the boat
Peace, be still, you said
Feet that walked through Solomon's colonnade
Around which children thronged
At which Mary chose to sit
Your feet, my King, your feet
Feet that walked among the broken
That stopped at the leper to touch him
Your feet that bore the cross's weight
Then were nailed to it
That walked out of the tomb
Trod the road to Emmaus
That went up from the Mount of Olives
And will set down there soon
Let me worship at your feet
Let me fall at your feet
Like Mary, let me weep at your feet
Teach me to walk in their prints

Stephen Pursell, 6/04