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Wedding Preparation

There is a story
God wrote it before time
He reveals it over and over
Ezekiel spoke life to the dry bones
Listen to the rattle around you
Kurt Vonnegut even heard it
He wrote a tale of Harrison Bergeron
A man once fettered in heavy chains
Who threw off his bonds in defiance
He danced and lept to the ceiling
They tell of the Phoenix
That ris3es from the ashes
One has lived its fullness
A Savior and King
Yeshua, a carpenter's adopted son
Alive, risen from the grave
This same Jesus spoke it
That the dead would have life
It is happening
Right here, where I breathe
In 'prison', among society's 'rejects'
The Ancient of Days speaks
The story is being revealed again
From poverty, from abuse
From addiction, from madness
From 'hopeless' graves of lives
God brings Life and Beauty
An Army of Love and Mercy
Watch and listen
Behold, it is unveiled before you
And ancient plan, a promise
Written in blood
That the Lion of Judah
The Rose of Sharon
The Bright Morning Star
Would at last have a people
Who truly love Him
As He alone deserves

Stephen Pursell, 9/04