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Virgin Again(The Gomer Story)

Familiar with sorrows
Acquainted with grief
Bruised, despised, torn, rejected
Never a complaint, no cry for mercy
This is the man in search of a bride
What maid could be worthy?
Virginal, sheltered, delicate?
But made spotless, returned to virginity
Seasoned and broken, loyal and grateful
Amazed that she is wanted
Eager to please and obey
This King requires a queen of character
This wedding is to be a homecoming
Only One like this could love her
Faithful when she wandered
Laying down his life
Dying for a wretched whore
Only this love could cleanse
Only such strength
Could fix the gaze of one so wanton
Unconquerable, immoveable
Now, THIS is a man!
Meekness and majesty
Power and purity
The Man who is God
Cleanse yourself, no spot or wrinkle
Turn away from glorying in shame
A spotless bride
Made spotless
Not always 'spotless'
But returned to purity
Awake church
Throw off your rags
Bathe in the blood
A white dress awaits you

Stephen Pursell, 9/04