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Hidden, like a Treasure in the Field
Precious, like the Pearl of Great Price
Abundant, like the fish that tore the nets
Father, I thank you, I spread out my hands
Come before you in humble adoration
To petition for this, my loving friend
Father that you would remove the veil
Expose the last of the lies that have bound her
Reveal to all this glorious daughter of Zion
And if it be you will and there is one worthy
Bring, I pray, a Boaz for this Ruth
Pour over them the wine of Solomon's Song
Display the treasure in the earthen vessel
Hold her head up for all the world to see
Shine your pride over her
Your glory over the craftsmanship of your hand
For, Lord, she is truly precious
Mighty One of Israel, her Abba
Melt away the last of the pain
No shame, no shame, you only see her holy
Your child, your image, your bride forever
Oh lift her, Lord, fill her, thrill her, build her
Train her, Lord, to reign in you forever
Indescribable beauty, depth and tenderness
Always ever so lovely in your sight
Send ones who breathe your word of life on her
No longer torn, no longer in the waiting
Release her Lord to spring on hinds' feet
Soothe, caress this child so precious
The Oil of Joy to soak her once heavy crown

Stephen Pursell, 1/10/04,
this poem was written for a dear sister in Christ who I believe who would prefer to remain unnamed but who was dealt an extraordinarily difficult hand in life and has borne so much abuse at the hands of many immature and religious members of the body of Christ in her community  but has ever remained loving and faithful and forgiving and has served her King with great effectiveness, I salute her an am grateful to have known her