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Pain Unto Life

In your mercy, Lion of Judah
Extend the claws and strike
Aslan, merciful and wise
Let me be Eustace before you
Strip me of my dragon's skin
Slash me, cut me
But let me look into the pool
I have to be clean
No matter how many stripes
Purge me, whatever it takes
Touch me like the leper
I have to have your love
I can no longer bear the cries
"Unclean, unclean"
Though I see days dead and foul
Breathe life on my dry bones
Take off my grave clothes
And bathe me
I have to get into the pool
"Take Me Down to the crystalline water
Take me down and put me under
Where darkness crashes 'round
Like August thunder..
There's life in what you do"
Great Lion strike
For you were struck for me
Your blood for my wounds
Pour it over me
Balm of Gilead in my gashes
Oil and myrrh
Your soothing touch
Stretch forth your hand
And heal

Stephen Pursell, 9/04,
(quote from Michael and
Stormie Omartian: "Take Me Down")