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True Liberty

America the beautiful
Consider one of your icons
Your great green 'Lady Liberty'
Who by the way, you should know
Is the image of demonic goddess
She says, "Give me your tired and poor"
A noble call to be sure
But consider this and know truth
She is truly nothing but a cheap substitute
She is the image of a pagan goddess
A mere fleeting shadow of pure reality
At best
An airy, inadequate substitute for a real man
There is a man who said, "Come unto me"
He beckons to the "weary and heavy laden"
He calls, "Come to me and find rest"
In the best of history books it is written
He spoke it millennia ago
It echoes today, for he is still alive
He IS liberty, he INVENTED freedom
The God-man, Jesus the Christ
Creator of all real things
Revealed in human form
Deity in flesh, not mere concrete and copper
Whom he "sets free is free indeed"
Now here is One worth running to
Can a statue save you?
If 'Lady Liberty's' claim was true
Then why is America no longer a safe place?
But the One who lives again, he saves
He died to save you
And returned to life to prove his glory
What liberty will you choose?
A statue not 200 years old?
Or the author of life itself?
Who exists from eternity past
Living and able to save you from all
America the beautiful, choose Christ!
The One from whom all freedom flows
All the freedom you once knew came from him
And only in returning to him
Will you be truly free

Stephen Pursell, 9/04