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In The Image

Oh, Father , brood tenderly over your son
Lift him in your clouds
Soothe when weariness tugs at his eyes
This fire brother and friend
This Elisha in the making
This mighty man of David
This disciple whom Jesus loves
Breathe on him, Mighty One of Israel
Wrap him up in Isaiah's temple moment
Undo him in your Glory
Catch him up like Paul's friend
Inexpressible words, one cannot tell
Carry him, Lord, shepherd's crook in your hand
As his wife and little ones are safe in you
Wash him, Holy God, daily in your beauty
This, your handiwork, your precious jewel
This priest and king, this vessel of life
Strip him, build him, prune him, mold him
Vessel of honor, vessel of Glory
Put your coal to his lips
Burn off the dross, Master
Bring the fullness of your image
This friend, my brother, your son
For whom all creation groans
That your Son would revealed in him

Stephen Pursell, 7/04