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On That Day

If ever again I breathe
Again to be head above water
Where air fills my breast
And breeze kisses my cheek
I pray this time I will rest
Never again driven by anyone's idea
Be it mine or another's
Only cradled in heaven's song
At peace and listening to the Voice
The deep rumble from the Aslan's throat
The Mighty Lion of Judah breathing
To hold to the One who saved me
To do his bidding, not my own
What wonder it must be
What rapture, what peace, what comfort
To march only to orders from on high
Lord willing, one day it will happen
I will walk in the Way of the One
But if not I'll soon be with the Father
With my Dad too, who's gone there to rest
We'll be friends there forever
The way we both always wanted
But somehow in this life could not achieve
We'll be huddled in the Almighty's breast
Next to his heart
At rest at last, in the bosom of Love

Stephen Pursell, 2004