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Thank You Mom

Thank you Mom, thanks for everything
Thanks for tender wake up calls
Thanks for perfect lunches
Thanks for cream cheese and olives
For enchilada casserole
Thanks for Aslan and the Rings
Thank you for house help
For visits to the desert
For begging to clean my room
Thanks for phone calls
For driving me to Traeger-Rosen
For lunch at Draeger's
For helping me
For holding life out to me
Thanks for your prayers
For hiring doctors and buying vitamins
For hoping and praying
For fighting in court
For blessing me, believing in me
Thanks for collect calls from prison
For working on the poems
For prison visits, stamps and packages
For tirelessly serving me so lovingly
Thank you for always loving me
Despite my moments of ingratitude
I mean it now, I hope so
You deserve it
I remember your jumpsuits
I remember your sweet worship songs
How could I ever but appreciate you?
Forgive me for taking you for granted
Thank you

Stephen Pursell, 6/04