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Sister Of The King

Bless my friend, Lord, lift her head
Fill her bright blue eyes with wonder
Fill her tender heart with Joy
Pour your oil over her
Like it flowed down Aaron's beard
From the crown to her feet
Lift her hands to praise
Send Aaron and Hur to hold them up
Bless, bless, heal and hold
Greet her in the morning
Sunshine and birdsong
New grass and blue skies
Walk throughout her house at night
Steal in and sit on her bed
Stroke her hair and tell your stories
Sing to her
Promises and inspirations
Reach down inside her where only you can
Excise every lie and speak truth
Show her beauty to her
Release her to sing and dance
Lion of Judah within her, roar
Rise up Mighty One of Israel
Within her, around her, over her
Bless, Lord, bless, bless, bless
Fill her legs with the dance of David
Put the Jawbone in her hand
Send her out against the Philistines
Bring her into her Canaan
Show her a hill full of giants to slay
Reveal yourself in your sister
Reveal your sister to herself
Sister to the King

Stephen Pursell, for Candy McCracken, 7/04