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Romans 13

Men of God, stand up!
Answer him who prepares your hands for war
Are there not women and children to protect?
He comes soon, the son of Satan
Nephilim in tow, many
Will you tolerate it?
Were you given the unconquerable spirit for naught?
Since Abraham we have the stories
Bands of God's men defeating the giants
A time to live, a time to die
A time to kill, a time to heal
Yes, Jesus humbled himself unto death
But only one time
At the appointed time
But before that
He evaded death many times previous

The beast would have your heads
We are willing and rightly so
To die for the Kingdom
But when?
Are we not to live while we may?
To bring glory to God in thriving?
Some are to survive it all
To navigate time's darkest passage
To stand alive to be changed
Never to sleep, the prophet wrote
How will they survive the most murderous regime?
Did our Lord not say flee to the mountains?
Our lives are his
And his command stands: choose life!
The spirit that took Samson lives in you
The spirit that drove out the moneychangers
The Lion of Judah is in you!
There is anointing to bear the sword
To meet out justice
To inspire the fear of God
Men of God, stand up!

Stephen Pursell, 9/04