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Rising Wave

It's happening, breaking forth
A low rumble now, a tidal wave to come
Here in the valley of dry bones
Here behind razorwire and bars
God is building an army
Precious gems mined from the ore
Broken vessels on the potter's wheel
Let the 'wise' reel like drunkards
Who could predict it?
The 'refuse' receiving the Master's touch
The Perfect Father displaying his plan
No one will steal his children
He will have what is his own
None will be snatched from his hand
What a glorious plan
Wrought by the ultimate General
To take the condemned and rejected
To snatch them from the devil's grip
The very ones men think are hopeless
To breathe life over them
Causing bones to stand up
A mighty army prepares to march
Come Lord, for your name's sake
Raise up your army from among us
Mine the jewels for your magnificent crown
You are worthy
Come take that which you deserve

Stephen Pursell, 9/04,
from within the walls of
CMF/Vacaville(CA) St. Prison