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Prayer For Joanna

Father of Lights
I lift Joanna before you
Bless Joanna, fair, Lord,
Hold her and keep her
Touch those secret hurting places
Soothe her brow with your fingers
Cradle her in your mighty Father's arms
Give her songs in the night
When she holds her guitar
Whisper your David breath
And remind her Lord
Keep her hope alive, her true woman's heart
One day where she holds her instrument
She will cradle the fruit of her womb
On her knees, in her arms, at her feet
Hold her in her Hannah moments
Lift her into her Deborah days
Give her the thoughts of Sarah
May she worship like Anna
May she sit and listen like Mary
Bless her, Lord, bless and heal
Kiss her with soft summer breezes
Your child, your glory, your creation
Send friends to touch her
Call your intercessors from the four corners
To fill your bowls with petitions for Joanna
Finish her faith, fire the kiln
Tell her who she is, Lord
That all creation groans for her to reveal her
That galaxies are born to demonstrate it
That you chose her for such a time as this
Jesus' sister, your precious daughter
A gift to us
A treasure of inestimable worth
Created to reveal your glory
A true daughter of Zion in the last days

Stephen Pursell, 6'04