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This Pilgrim's Progress

I'm not good enough yet
Sometimes I think I never will be
But I know God says otherwise
He has promised he will get me there
But right now it just isn't so
But there's a point in this reality
That this fact is the very key
I always thought if I tried enough
Then the love I sought would be mine
But now I get it he's always there
Ready to pour out divine love
I'm really tired of working for it
I see what a fool I have been
I finally grasp that all my effort
Does naught but increase my sin
I've always known the words of this
But now its brilliant reality
Grows increasingly in my heart
He always wanted it for me
It's been I who kept us apart
It's so easy just to ask it
To pour out my little's child's needs
And rest together in trusting
He foreknows how my heart pleads
I'm getting it now how I can trust him
I count on his gifts to be true
I am finally learning to receive it
So that I can then share it with you

Stephen Pursell, 12/25/04