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The People Who Know Their God

        Daniel wrote it
"The people who know their God will resist him mightily"
Mightily against the iron fist of The Beast
Joel wrote of it too
It is holy writ
An army of spiritual warriors, yes
But that's not all
Consider our recent past
The last great anti-Christ king, Hitler
Were we not right to fight him?
Did not God use this nation?
One founded on spiritual tenet
Along with the British Commonwealth
To vanquish the serpent's attempt
In that war there were warriors of both types
While Rees Howells and his intercessors prayed
American and British boys fought
Men of the two greatest missionary nations of the time
Spiritual warriors, physical warriors
Both anointed of God
Eye and hand, needing one another
One providing spiritual cover in the heavens
One providing front line physical force
Both necessary
One body, many parts
One army, many duties
"The people who know their God will resist him mightily"
It is the holy writ
It has happened before in prelude
I say it opens before you, church
One last chapter
If you disagree, consider this
If the kings of the Earth will gather at Megiddo
Prepared to fight
But the King is yet unseen
Whose army will they see and come to fight?
Mightily we will resist them

Stephen Pursell, 7/04