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Out Of The Storm

Take heart, friend
No, you do not imagine the storm
You properly discern the dark horizon
There is danger and death ahead
But we have a Captain
One who knows the storm
Not only knows it
But invented storms
One who finds them so unremarkable
That he sleeps through them
Consider the holy writ
It tells of the Master of the Wind
Asleep while seasoned fishermen panicked
At ease, at peace
But at their bidding he arose
He spoke to the elements
"Peace, be still"
And no more storm
But consider this
That was before he conquered death
Before earning all authority
In heaven and earth
So what could he do now?
This is our Captain
Do you know him?
Do you submit to the Master of the Sea?
Cry out from your storm
His ear is eager to hear
There is a promise
None who calls on his name will perish
Yeshua, Master, Mighty God
Cry to him:
"Save me, Lord!"
Let him stretch his hands over your bow
Let him command your wind and waves
Come into his harbor
Jesus, Master of the Storm
Only in him are you truly safe

Stephen Pursell, 9/13/04