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Grieve No More

Once there was a grieving mother
A widow, already without her man
Now surviving also her son
Imagine, if you can
She walked along side his casket
Probably supplied by charity
Hand on the coffin, weeping, weeping
I can only try to imagine
First her husband, now her son
Weeping, weeping
Do you think she dared hope?
Did she know Life himself was near?
Could she know that the very Author of Life
Would pass her say that day?
But he did, Hallelujah, he did
And with words, it happened
The very lips, the very breath
That had birthed the universe
Resurrected that boy that day
Could she have imagined it?

Can you?
Are you willing?

But it happened
And the boy came alive
And let me tell you a mystery
Life himself is passing by you today
To breathe over the casket in your life
Can you imagine?
Are you willing to try?
All things are possible to him who believes
Give ear to words of Life today
Echoing down from the dawn of creation
Rise, live, dance and play...rejoice
Tune your heart to the voice of Life
More than a force
He is a person

No, you don't deserve it
Of course you did not expect if
Who cares if you 'feel ready'
Life himself is passing your way
Will you not cry out for him?
Reach for the hem of his garment?
Come be breathed upon
Come back to Life
Come be born again

Stephen Pursell, 9/04