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More Than A Dream

        Down and down, hair afloat
Bound and cast into the well
Mother and son
Captured in the wicked stronghold
A special child, marked for sacrifice
An incomparable mother, unwilling to let go
What love and loyalty
He will not die alone
Down and down, face to face
Holy eyes, love and gratitude
Bubbles rise, eyes to eyes
Thank you for my mother, Abba
We know you are here too
One like the Son of God in the furnace
One faithful in the pool of the saracens
Down and down, Gandalf wrestles the balrog
Thank you for this honor, Yahweh
That we would know Christ
United to him in his death
Partaking of his sufferings
Into the abyss and out again
Death it seems but mere illusion
For there is One who killed death
And we are his
In him we live, already dead
For across the river from this castle dark
The Holy City gleams radiant
With light all its own
And at the bottom of this well
A passage
Like David's stream into Jerusalem
Like Andy's crawl out of Shawshank
A passage they know not of
For our destination is sure
In a moment we will laugh from over there
Atop a turret in the Holy City
Freedom, triumph, Glory
Victory for mother and son
Death is dead
Sons at last

Stephen Pursell, 4/04