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Mighty To Save

You will come, I know you will
I may not feel you know
But you are here
Beneath me, around me, above me
I'll find you, you'll rescue me
You will lift my head
I'll rejoice in you
I'll feel your love, you'll heal me
I know you love me
I know you'll never leave me
I am your son
Bone of your bone
You cannot reject yourself
My King was rejected on my behalf
I'll stand on it, you'll hold me
You'll watch me, you'll cradle me
You hold me even now, I know it
I praise you, adore you
Have mercy, Lord, catch me
Rescue me, revive me
Mighty to save, mighty to save
I remember You, my redeemer
The One who saves when all hope is gone
You did it before
You'll do it again
I wait I cry out
Mighty to save, mighty to save

Stephen Pursell, 7/04