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Men Of Faith

A few good men
That's all it takes
Not U.S. Marines
Sons of the King
A faithful band, a fearless tribe
Abraham's 318
Gideon's 300
Jonathan and his armor bearer
Ehud alone
Sampson alone
"Not many noble, not many wise"
And Jesus stood alone
Where do we stand, Christian men?
Are 7,000 standing straight?
Or bowed to Baal?
Peter whimpered in cowardice
Who are we?
Where is David to cry faith?
"Who is this uncircumsized Philistine?!"
How dare he?!
"That he defies the armies
Of the Living God?!"
The lad slew the giant
Where do we stand men?
Peter, James and John slept
While Jesus wrestled alone
And then they scattered
But we need to stand men
It only takes a handful
Shoulder to shoulder
Unafraid to bleed
I pray to stand for righteousness

Stephen Pursell, 1/11/04