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Like a phoenix from the ashes
Better than that
Like you out of the grave
My soul rises again to meet you
Glorious One, Rose of Sharon
My incomparable King
I see you in the dusty streets
Joyous children thronging around you
Leaping dancing, praising
Basking in the beauty of your presence
Your hands outstretched to heal
The deaf sing, the blind run
See them come
So unloved, thrown out, unwanted
Flocking to you
Knowing they are welcome
Beggars, prostitutes, drunkards
"He loves me, he loves me!"
It swells within them
The hope their hearts have missed
A Savior, a Master, a Lord
Just and merciful
Tender and loving, mighty to save
"Hosanna, blessed is he...," they cry
This is my King
This is my Master
Fairest of ten thousand
Lily of the Valley
Bright and Morning Star
Jesus of Nazareth
Son of God, Son of Man, God incarnate
Come, Lord, dine with me tonight
Come into my house
Grace me with your presence
Oh, that I might sit at your feet
You are my pearl of great price

Stephen Pursell, 9/04