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Dear Sir, father and husband
Understand who you are
God calls you prophet and priest
The head and covering over your family
Your relationship with him is their umbrella
Designed to keep them warm and dry
Protecting from the rain
The rain is the spiritual warfare
The attack of the forces of darkness
You hold this umbrella
But is it whole?
Sin makes holes in it
It matters not where you are
It matters not whether anyone knows what you do
At home or across the globe
There is a spiritual law:

Your sin exposes your family
Your umbrella leaks
Your sin will wound your dear ones
Even if they never know of it consciously
Do you love them?
Do you want them safe and dry?
Protected from the spiritual war?
Repentance repairs your umbrella
Get right with God, friend
Patch the holes in your covering
Be the prophet and priest God made you
Protect your dear ones
Lest they be taken from you
And given to one who will
Their heavenly Father wants them protected
He can provide a man who will obey
But if you will submit to Him
You can huddle in out of the rain
Hidden in the shadow of an invincible bosom
At peace in Life and Light
Safe in the arms of Love

Stephen Pursell, 9/04,
A Word To Husbands