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Lord Of The Harvest

I hear bones rattling
Up from the dust an army rises
Lion of Judah in their hearts
Battle cries of love
Tears of brokenness
Tears of joy and compassion

Crushed bones mended
Voices released, creation
Like the David released from the marble
Out of the tombs into life
Kingdoms and men fall
A warrior bride emerges
Conquering cities and nations
Conquering with mercy
Defeating with peace
Ruling with love
Holy hands wave and powers quake
The warriors dance the dance of victory
The Davidic dance of freedom
The Jawbone Dance of Samson
Bones, stand up!
Grow muscle, sinew, skin!
Breath of life, come!
Holy One of Israel, come
Yahweh, Ancient of Days, Wonderful
Come, the Spirit and the Bride say come
Your army, your elect, your inheritance
For you, Mighty King
Angels with sharp sickles, come
Oh the harvest, come Lord
Come Lord of the Harvest, come
Send the workers into the field
Come Son of Man
Lord of the Harvest, come

Stephen Pursell, 7/04