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Yahweh, my Father, Ancient of Days
I come before your perfect throne of Grace
I present to you my friend and brother
A soldier in your Army Behind The Walls
David's mighty man, one of Gideon's few
This Samson, this Jephthah, this Ehud
Bless him, Lord, drench him in your Spirit
Complete him, I pray, in the fullness of Christ
Make him truly holy, loving only you
Even from behind the razor wire and bars
Raise him up in the full stature of sonship
Father, I pray he fulfills his destiny
To be totally conformed to your likeness
May he miss none of what you created him for
That he display Christ in fullness in the last days
I pray you sharpen him and refine him
Keep him on your potter's wheel
Do not allow him to shrink from your hand
But build him, breathe over him
Until Christ is formed in him
Whisper to him in the breeze of Horeb
Bring him up the mountain of the Lord
Heal through him, raise the dead, speak life!
Your son, Abba, your son, appointed for glory

Stephen Pursell, 1/7/04