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Lend an ear, friend
Lean in close while I whisper
Rest, be still and listen
I know you are weary
I know you are frightened
It is real
You have not imagined it
A fearful specter looms
Arising unforeseen by many
Obliterating your pretty paradigms
I know, I know
But there is an answer
There is a place of hope
There is someone you can trust
A million stars wink at you
Whence did they come?
Forget your books
Cast off high notions of 'learning'
Hush the voice of your 'culture'
Be still and listen
You know, you know
There is a voice speaking Truth
Up from below and behind your navel
Still small and quiet and pure
Someone made all this!
Someone made you!
You know it, you KNOW it!
Humble yourself and speak to him
Come as you are
Ugly attitude if need be but acknowledge him
Ask for help, friend
He loves you
There is hope, friend
There is a Creator and Savior

Stephen Pursell, 9/04