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Brother, I love you
But brother you have no right
You say your sin hurts only yourself
But that is not what God's word says
Scripture is our standard
When one part suffers, the whole body suffers
Your sin hurts you so you suffer
But we all suffer because you suffer
By definition, I suffer for your sin
There is a collective strength
Our choices affect the brotherhood
I am called to bear your burdens
To weep when you weep
So when you choose to sin
You are volunteering me for undue burden
I have a right to rebuke you
Even as a service to God
It is love and life to us both
Do not turn away from me
Rather let us lean into righteousness together
Let us bless one another
Let us hold each other up
Yoked together in holiness
Then we are ready for the task
We are soldiers!
Would you have the unfit cover your back?
Rather that we are trained, fed, and rested
The righteous are bold as a Lion
Let us be David, fearless before Goliath
Not Israel at Ai
The wicked flee when no one pursues

Jonathan and squire at the stronghold
Defeating a host of Philistines
Gideon's few vanquishing innumerable foes
We are God's men
The land is promised to us
But not if we hide forbidden booty
The sin of Achin: a little leaven
Brother, help me
I yearn for milk and honey

Stephen Pursell, 9/04