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Last Days

It will not all be good
Yes, the mountain of the Lord
Yes, a glorious bride arising
But how?
How does beauty come forth?
By woes, by tears
Gold to refining the fire
Only exposed dross is removed
There is a master craftsman
His ways are not our ways
You will not be saved from the darkest hour
Swept away to bliss
You will be saved in spite of the darkness
Cradled in everlasting arms, yes
But in the crucible of affliction
With One was a Son of the God
Walking beside you in the furnace

Host and brethren unseen around you
Lest you dash your foot against a stone
The wickedest of all days
Like Noah's time, but worse
Unprecedented distress
That's what he said
But he also said
"Fear not I am with you"
What could be greater?
To walk through the best and worst of times
Hand in hand with an infallible guide
Yes, weep and mourn and wail
Sweep your idols into Kidron's brook
But likewise rejoice
Look up, your redemption draws near

Stephen Pursell, 9/04