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One will put a thousand to flight
And from two, ten thousand shall run
Abraham's 318 defeated five kings' armies
Gideon's 300 took hundreds of thousands
Jephthah's band slew 42,000 in a day
Giants become grasshoppers
Great city walls become speedbumps
Awake, church, harken to David's cry
While towering Saul and his men quaked at the knee
The anointed lad called out:
"Who is this uncircumcized Philistine
Who dares defy the armies of the Living God?!"
Out there is a promise:
There is One who will go before us
So the enemy's hearts will melt with fear
Let us be Samson then
A thousand struck down with a bone
Let us be that foolish
Let us dare to believe
That we would be Caleb
Eager to fight the biggest giants
As strong at 85 as when 40
Brothers who know the truth about the enemy
The enemy knows we are God's anointed
They know we are to defeat them
So know their bluff:
Their king is master of illusions
By faith we walk, not sight
Let your eyes see not fearsome giants
But grasshoppers that hold you in terror
That a thousand may fall at your side
Ten thousand at your right hand
That it shall not come near you
For unseen all around you: another realm
About us, warring host, chariots of fire
And perfected brethren
An invincible host
Whose number grows daily
And before us in the charge
The Lion of Judah
The Unconquerable King
Fear not, He is with us!
The giants shall be OUR prey!!

Stephen Pursell, 9/04