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Into The Land

Oh, that I had wings like a dove
Take me away
Let me come to the courts of the King
Where sticks cleanse poisoned pools
Where a vial fills many jars
Where lepers wash and are restored
And dead prophet's bones raise the dead
In the courts of the King
Let me see an armful feed thousands
The blind describe men as trees
Withered hands are made full and strong
The 'unclean' return to city streets
Let me walk with the King
Better is one day in his house
Take me where the oppressed swell with hope
Stretch forth their hands in faith
Knowing they are loved
Let me see their eyes
Take me where heaven touches earth
Right here, right now
Where madmen come to clarity
Where indecent ones return and are cleansed
Where all who will come find solace
Here in the courts of the King
It is here around us
We need not be borne aloft
For it has come down
And the veil that divides thins daily
As that which was always here reopens
Adam again, Jordan's waters roll back
We follow him across on dry ground
Walking the way of kings
Walk into the courts of the King

Stephen Pursell, 9/04