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I know you, I've been there
Sure there is some genuineness
There is a desire to connect
But there are also many masks
It's an act
It only seems real
Because everyone else does it
Playing the game
Doing what you believe you need to
In order to be accepted
By those whose approval you seek
Thinking to it will make you worthwhile
Yet with every new imitation
You watch yourself from a little farther away
Careful, son
Lest the gulf within you
The growing crevasse in your soul
Grow into an abyss

There is an answer
There is a place of safety
Acceptance for yourself
It has a secret passage
The one you so fear
The way of truth and vulnerability
The way of brokenness
Where your illusion of strength dies
Where layer by layer you moult
The lies that bind fall away
Those secrets you 'knew' would bring rejection
Are revealed to be nuggets of oneness
It so happens everyone has them
Look around and ask yourself
Why are they acting just like you?
Come into the Light
Come into Life

Stephen Pursell, 9/10/04