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Holy Home

There is a red brick house on a holy hill
Overlooking the City of Gold
The Buttes
And the valley to the west
The Kingdom is coming there
There's a holy plan for that piece of land
Jesus is welcome there
There's plenty of angels 'round about
And unseen saints as well
There's a holy Anna worshiping there
Dominion forming on the land
There's a holy history of a holy family
And God's plan taking shape
There are warring angels, fiery chariots
There are departed brethren, unseen
There's a departed earthly father
He's helping on the other side of the veil
The veil that's growing thinner
There's coming glory, power untold
God's Kingdom is coming there
With the pillar of cloud
And fire in it by night
And glory clouds to fill the valley below

Stephen Pursell,
original: 4/9/04, revised 11/10/14