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God's Breath, Earth's Dust

Christ and church
Head and helpmeet
Man woman he created them
What is this mystery?
Man is X and Y
Woman is X and X
It is written in our genes
It is written in his Word
It was written by his Word
One prophet, one priest and head
One weaker vessel
Yet all are one in Christ
There is no male or female
Who could deny Deborah?
Is there not Anna?
Many great women of the spirit now
Yet God incarnate is a man
A mystery, a mystery
What is in the Y-chromosome?
If X, the rib, reproduced makes woman
Then what is Y?
How do we honor Y?
Both X and Y in balance
"God" and "Good" mean balance
Now we see as in a glass, darkly
Then, face to face
All mysteries unveiled
You had rent the veil
You come out, Lord
Into your creation
Husband into wife, union and mystery
Spirit into matter, mystery
Christ and his church
Mystery, Mystery
Life in the spirit, honor of the body
God incarnate: mystery revealed
Many sons brought to glory

Stephen Pursell, 9/04