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Forget Me Not

God's breath
Angels wings rush
Heavenly music
Oh, my King and Master
Give me Isaiah moments
Elijah and Elisha
Ezekiel moments
John and Paul
Hosea too

Jeremiah, all your prophets
Undone in your presence
Beholding your glory
Fire my lips too, Lord
Put your word in me
Give me a book to eat
Let it sour in my belly
Make me lie on my side
And marry a harlot
Let me be thrown in the cistern
Somehow make me like them
The heroes of the faith
The prophets old and new
Show me wheels in wheels
Horses and fiery chariots all around
Oh my God, give me reality
Hide me in the rock as you pass by
Give me spirit transports
Catch me to the third heaven
Inexpressible in words
Set me among the dry bones
Let me be your voice
May your word burn in my bones
Me too, Mighty God, me too

Stephen Pursell, 7/04