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Flight To Sabbath

  Sodom burned but Lot went free
The angel of death came only for the Egyptians' sons
Chariots still lie at the bottom of the Red Sea
But Abraham's descendants crossed in safety
Jericho's mighty walls fell
So did the sons of Anak, the biggest giants
But the sons of Israel stood
Joshua made the sun stand still
His men vanquished the enemy that day
Hezekiah's army never went out to fight
But 185,000 Assyrians lay dead
There is One who will go before us
In cloud by day, blazing afire at night
Manna in the morning, fresh water from the rock
Safety, provision, victory
The righteous will be watched over
So believe the good report
Giants and city walls can fall
What are they before the breath of the Almighty?
Here is the way, he beckons, walk ye in it
Why should we linger?
All has been promised to us
A sure word is our title and deed
The price has been paid
He owns all and shares it with us
A generous Father
His children extravagantly provisioned
Reach out, take and eat the fruit
Lay hold of abundance
Receive what you are promised
You have been delivered
Covered in flight, strengthened in battle
Now to be lavished in rest

Stephen Pursell, 9/04