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My Favorite Story (Invitation to Sonship)

"Tell me, Lord," I pled
"Yes,"he said, "Sit, listen, imagine:
Oh, the words, how I longed to share
I knew I was young but I saw so much
Father always spoke, as a toddler I knew
Waiting, they did not understand
It was good though, Joseph was good to me
John was my favorite cousin
We enjoyed all the feasts together
We loved to play David and Goliath
His Samson renditions were exquisitely funny
We used lumber as pillars
"Rwaaah! Die you Philistines!"
He was always quick to condemn evil
Father was always telling hidden things
Uncle Zachariah was a magnificent storyteller
Mother and Aunt Elizabeth couldn't bear to part
Life was good, but times were hard
I enjoyed the work: the craft, the precision
Joseph was a fine carpenter, a patient teacher
The customers appreciated my service
Still it seemed long to wait
Mother was worried, she was a mother 
Ah, but respites in the wilderness
I loved to go out and be alone with Father
I loved the animals' friendship
So much to learn by watching
Father loves to show his wisdom, you know
Waiting, watching, everyone wondering
Learning to listen, learning to wait
I wanted a wife, oh how I wanted a wedding
Children, oh, giving up children hurt
But you are all mine now, and worth it
Business was adequate, our name was known
We had no social standing but we did good work
I took to it well, I am smart, you know"
And he winked at me and continued
"The elders would talk of the Romans
Their talk of Messiah stirred something with in me
Longer respites with Father
Sometimes Joseph would object and I would relent
The scriptures opened layer by layer
I was there, our fathers were in me
Noah's patience, Abraham's questions
David's pain, Isaiah's insights
And Jeremiah's tears, so many tears
Daniel's fearlessness and intercession
Oh Father, the people the people!! Why, oh why?
I began to see Messiah
Moses, Gideon, Jephthah, Ehud, Samson, Elijah, Elisha
Saving, leading,  protecting, delivering...praying, sacrificing
The people needed someone
And not just Israel
The Romans the Greeks, all
All shares, all beliefs, one common need
Messiah, Messiah, Messiah
Oh Father,  send them Messiah
The books opened more an more
They were all in me, meditation
The glory and the creation
The painful loss of the flood
I began to remember, really remember
Father's heart, hurting within me
Oh my people, why do you turn away?
The Psalms, the Prophets, they resonate
It's me, I'm Messiah, I remember
I'm Messiah, I'm Messiah!
Oh Father, thank you!
But wait, I see Messiah must suffer
The elders were wrong , they did not understand
Oh the tears and and more tears, how can I bear it?
I see I must suffer, really suffer deeply
Father I can't, I can't bear it
But the people drew me, their tired faces
Leprous stubs and cries of "Unclean!"
Bent backs, howling demoniacs
Hungry poor, oppressed, leaderless
Yes Father, for you, for them, yes I will do it
More years in the scriptures
More time with Father  in the wilderness
I was getting ready
Then came John, precious John, brave and fearless John
This is what we were training for
Finally they would begin to believe
The temptation was about trust
Would I live? Would Father hold me?
Were the scriptures enough?
The usurper came
I passed the test
Then the angels came, what comfort
No pride, no fear, no doubt, only faith now
An ocean of hope and joy and Love, so much Love
Finally to reach to the people
It didn't take long, they began to come to me
So many, so needy, so helpless
It crushed me to see them that way
But it filled me to give to them
And it was too much, we needed rest
More respites in the wilderness with Father
My disciples were so slow to listen
They did not understand Messiah
But Father was everywhere
Ever deeper, refreshingly unpredictable
So delighted to share, so patient
People don't understand: I missed sometimes
Not sin, just learning through trail and error
Perfecting the art of ministry
It was uncharted waters, I had no earthly mentor
Sometimes I had to stay up all night to pray
Father would patiently get me re-aligned
It was always worth it
Oh the glory, the gratitude, their faces
The lepers were often so grateful
Except for those nine, so sad
They would gape at their new fingers
Their faces shining with tears
Father and I would abound with fulfillment
The young man who had the legion
He was so disappointed, he wanted to join us
Few have known how great an evangelist the became
And the prostitutes we so true
Their wonder at real Love from a man
The parties were rich harvest fields
Hurting souls looking for Love
The pleasure of greeting them
Their amazement as I sat to eat
Their eagerness to please
So exuberant, so unable to fathom it
Finally daring to believe they were loved
Oh Father, all of them, Father every one!
And so loyal once the followed
Mary my friend, such fierce loyalty
Her deliverance was so beautiful
She snotted all over me and I did not care
It was wonderful and unforgettable
Oh such memories, truly golden moments
Precious souls precious days, a precious plan
And tears, tears, tears
The Pharisees: so heart-breaking
So hard, so cold, so pitted against Life
So much potential
So much word but all in the mind
Twisted mind and hearts, twisted by sin
That's why I am so proud of Paul
If only you knew what he had to shed
What a dear friend, a true brother
And the day approached, I set my face
Many fell away then
Many, like now
My nearest and dearest fought me
So heart-breaking, the rejection cut deep
Pain, pain such pain, and loneliness
The whip, the clubs, the fists
Isaiah as they sawed him in two
Jeremiah as he bled
Zechariah as they slew him
Oh my sons, my brothers, my creation
Grief unimaginable, I couldn't breathe
Strength Father, give me strength
I had to make it all the way
Pilate's folly
The spirit of man with one last chance
Did you ever consider that he could have yielded?
Choice, there is always choice
But of course, we knew his choice
Understand that despite that, I already knew
There was always hope in my heart for them
For Judas, for Pilate, for Herod
Hope for them born of love
Without it there is no brokenness
Having to let it go
Messiah had to be utterly crushed
Inside and out
Crucify Him!! They insisted
I turned to go up the hill
Rejection beyond words
Beyond the loudest thunder
Carry the cross
I'd hauled plenty of lumber, you know
Oh please, Father, strength, strength
It was hard to believe him
I had to make it up that hill, to finish
Such hateful words, jeers, mocking
And the wails of my beloved, such grief for them
Messiah on a cross?
It brought total bewilderment
Mother, Mary, John, they staggered behind
A split second of distraction
The torment, the bitterness of sin
Every foul thing from the whole universe
Pressing into my eyes, nostrils ears, skin
Stinging rain on my rib-bared back, cold
Father, Father, where are you?
I could never have imagined
My heart straining, weakening
Father Father, why? You have left me too
Total separation, I feel my hear ripping
It struggles to beat, blood leaking out
Untold legions of demons on my breast
Crushing, crushing, Father's rejection
Into your hands I commit my spirit
My heart rips in half"
And then he turned and faced me
Smiled and looked deep into my eyes
He enveloped me and drowned me in Love
"I'd have done it for you if you were the only one
You were worth it to me, I'd do it again
Father has raised us both
I'd give anything to have you with me forever
I already have and always do, you're mine
You can never be taken from me
You are bought with a price
There is nowhere too far for me to go
I'll always bring you back, as long as you let me
None is snatched from my hand
Only your choice could separate you from me
This is only the beginning
I am alive, I have risen!
After three days in the earth I stood
I walked out of my tomb
I live for you, to serve you
Your King, the Servant
We serve here in this Kingdom
I who was the last am first
I am building a mansion for you
Making a place in my government
For you alone if you will truly follow me
Stand up son, stand my brother
I have made you like me
I give you authority
To walk over evil, to speak life
To heal, to bless, to inspire
To breathe life over my creation
Even the dead
To uproot and to plant
To tear down and build up
To finish the Adamic commission
To husband my garden throughout the earth
You are my brother
You are my friend and my Bride
We are all One, my Body
One body, many parts
I love you, I bought you
You will be mighty, holy in my sight
You are mine,  and I am a jealous Lover
My seed is in your belly
You will bear me much fruit
I have chosen you
From before the dawn of time
I designed you, made a plan for you
To rule and reign with me forever
So stand up, receive your birthright
You can receive the glory for which I made you
If you will but suffer with me
In order to be perfected as I was
I have reserved you for such a time as this"
"Can it be, Lord?" I asked
"Yes," he said, "I have said it
I who cannot lie
This is my story
You are my inheritance
It is your love I have sought
My wedding, at last
My banquet, my bedchamber
All for me, shared with you
Come, enter the Joy of your Master"
"Yes, Lord" I said
Yes, yes and amen
Make me your brother
A son of the Most High God"

Stephen Pursell, 1/2/04