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Father's Daughter

My Father, I spread my hands before you
I petition you
I lift my mother before your throne
Bless, Lord, bless, bless and heal
Father, speak her name to your servants
From the four winds I pray
Raise up intercessors to pray for her
Whisper her name to them
Use them to fill your bowls for her
Words of life and blessing
Words of birthright and fulfillment
Words of honor and authority
Dominion, a return to ancient paths
Send her more plumed messengers
Send more angels to guard over her
Speak to her in all your glorious ways
Send more friends to touch her
To love her with their hands
Hug her with their arms
Reward her mercy with mercy
Father, water her seeds
Give her 100 fold harvest on them
Make her Anna years precious
Use them to form jewels in her crown
Prepare a place for her near the throne
Heal her land
In her heart and under her feet
Bring her dancing into the Holy City
Dripping with the oil of joy

Stephen Pursell,  6/04