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Esther Moment

The fury of perfect Love
The Holy One of Israel
Jealous for his creation
Riding on the clouds
Sword swift as a storm
Hair ablaze
Blast from his mouth
King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Written on his thigh
Redeemer, Judge, King
Slain, the Lamb
Returning the Lion
Yes, the One who wept
Yes, the One who healed
Yes, the One who died
But also the One who
Took the time to weave a whip
And cleanse the temple
Fierce in glory and purity
Pure anger against evil
This is your King
The river will flow from the throne
Yes, the trees will bear healing fruit
But not before the great battle
The invincible commander
His holy host in formation
The perfect army
Obedient angelic host
And the spirits of righteous men made perfect
This is who all will see
Breaking through the skies
Descending out of an unseen realm
Even now the veil thins
Even now he weaves another whip
For only a spotless bride will suffice
Bitter herbs, then sweet
Be purged church
Prepare to enter the court of the King

Stephen Pursell, 9/04