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Elisha Cry

Abraham and Isaac, Isaac and Jacob
Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha
Jesus and John, Jesus and Peter
Paul and Timothy
Down through the ages
Fathers and sons
Masters and disciples
Nothing's changed, it's still the way
Elijah in motion
Mentorship, discipleship, sharpening
Tomorrow's generals are today's lieutenants
Teaching to lead, learning to teach
Oh, that I might be a disciple
I don't care who it is
The ones I already consider?
Or whoever
Surely there is a Paul for me
Yes, Abba, you are my father
But don't you want to give me an earthly one?
My dad rests with you
A man who never fully possessed his birthright
Safe in Abraham's bosom
I rejoice for him
But I am still here
I need a father's voice
Am I not worthy?
Am I not your son?
Provide for me
Give me someone to look up to
Let me sit at his feet
Let me listen like Mary to him
To sit and listen in quiet
That I might learn to listen to you
Touch my hip if you have to
But give me this blessing

Stephen Pursell, 9/04

During my years in prison I walked as a christian and thus was the object of much hatred for my ability to love those who are generally rejected by criminally-minded prison culture. My refusal to participate in prison inmate politics and my open demonstrations of love for my christian brothers, and others I reached out to in God's love, who were of varying racial and cultural backgrounds was feared and hated by men of evil intent. As a result I was physically attacked many times. Since the system does not care whether one is defending himself against an unprovoked attack and it only seeks to accuse, condemn, and punish, and abuse I was always thrown in solitary confinement for defending myself. I do not remember specifically but I expect this poem came from one of those passages through solitary confinement due to persecution.  But what a blessing to be persecuted for the the Lord and share in his sufferings!  Hallelujah!