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Elijah Cry

You're a Timothy without a Paul
A new breed of prophet
You will find your Paul soon
You will sit at his feet
You have been in the trenches
Now you will be the quarterback
You will travel the world
In the prophetic
You will do great things for Jesus

Words, words over me
I have believed they were yours
Abba, Yahweh, was it you?
Am I Jeremiah in the cistern?
Am I John in the dungeon?
After all I have seen, I doubt
But I pray it was you
That I may bring you glory
Use me, live through me
That the sherds of my life
Would form a fit vessel
Still I hope

I feel weak, I feel useless
My heart condemns me
But you are greater than my heart
What willingness have, I offer
Is it even a mustard seed?
I pray it is so
There are no Pauls here
Out of the depths I cry
From the belly of the fish I wail
I have run, I confess
Father forgive me
Jehovah Jireh
Provide me a Paul
I am willing to be Timothy
But not without Paul

Stephen Pursell, 9/04

During my years in prison I walked as a christian and thus was the object of much hatred for my ability to love those who are generally rejected by criminally-minded prison culture. My refusal to participate in prison inmate politics and my open demonstrations of love for my christian brothers(and others I reached out to in God's love) from varying racial and cultural backgrounds was feared and hated by men of evil intent. As a result I was physically attacked many times. Since the prison system does not care whether or not one is defending himself against an unprovoked attack and it only seeks to accuse, condemn, punish and abuse I was always thrown in solitary confinement for defending myself. I do not remember specifically but I expect this poem came from one of those passages through solitary confinement due to persecution.  But what  a blessing to be persecuted for the the Lord and share in hies sufferings! Hallelujah!