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Who is Paul, who is Apollos?
Who is Cephas, who is who?
Denomination or abomination?
Is Christ divided?
Who then is loyal to him?
Are you loyal to an abomina...
Uh, I mean a denomination?
Or are you loyal to Christ?
Can you be truly loyal to both?
It is a rhetorical question
One body, one Spirit, one hope  
One Lord, one faith, one baptism
One God and Father of all 
How many denominations?
"A kingdom divided against itself
Cannot stand"
The oldest rule of warfare:
Divide and conquer
Glorify the enemy?
Surely not!
But do these divisions glorify God?
Another rhetorical question
Ten fingers and ten toes: good
But severed from the hand: useless
There is one Head, one body
But it's a body made to dance
Fluid and graceful, alive and vibrant
Not to be bound invalid
Quaking with dystrophy
Soiling itself
Where do the rivers run deep?
Not in denominations
Not in Christian City
But over there, across the desert
Across the burning sand
Where there is no water
But water from the Rock
Over there, past where churchianity died
Way past where the best of tradition fell short
Where the music of heaven sounds
And the voice of many waters rises
In the Holy City
United we stand, divided we fall
Holy means whole, completed
Not divided, not denominated, not dominated
Paul, Apollos and Cephas are together now
In the Holy City
Where there are no, abomina...

Stephen Pursell, 9/04