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Closer Than A Brother

Bless my brother, Yahweh
My comrade in arms
Thank you for his friendship
Like Jonathan and David
A friend who sticks closer than a brother
Friendship so welcome here
In this world of war
Within these prison walls
He is a gem in the coal bin
Faithful, upright, passionate and true
He is your son
Father of Lights, bless him
All your treasures of wisdom and knowledge
Fruit beyond imagination
A vast harvest in the last days
Sharpen his sickle
Bathe him in glory
Consume him in revelation
And help us, Yahweh
To link arms 
To march in your steps
Our ears tuned to your voice
Help me uphold him
That we men may stand
Cover his family
Breathe on his wife
Brood over his children
Encompass their home
Warring angels all around
Draw him close, fit him for your yoke
Prophet and priest to them
Teach him to lead in Holiness
Immeasurably, abundantly beyond his asking
Open your storehouses, Abba
Riches on your son, Lord
Open his mouth wide and fill it
Bless my friend, Lord
Clothe him in glory 
Blessings to a thousand generations

Stephen Pursell, 9/04,
written for a friend who later betrayed
me and my mother, a widow,
by swindling her...
bless him, Lord, heal him