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Close To You

Love and love music
The bridegroom and the bride, forever entwined
Come, come to life
Come to the banquet, come
Come live, come dance, come laugh
His oil soothes
His wine thrills
Son of God, Son of Man
Savior, Conqueror, Sacrifice, King
Lamb of God, Lion of Judah
Not a cry when a lamb to the slaughter
Now a deafening roar, a trumpet
Cry freedom, Jesus, Son of God
Holy, holy, holy
Look at him, hear his voice
See how he moves, perfection
Splendid grace, flawless power
Unsearchable beauty, unfathomable glory
And he comes for me
To marry me, to take me unto him
My Lion, my hero, my champion
The Lover of my soul
My destiny, my habitation
Rose of Sharon
Fairest of Ten Thousand
Lily of the Valley
Matchless, Wonderful, Worthy of Praise
The One who spoke all that is into being
My Lover, my Friend
Oh Mighty King, that I might draw near
Gather me under your wings

Stephen Pursell, 6/04