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Choose This Day

Prophets and widows and small bands of men
Elijah, the widow from Zeraphath, the 7,000
Elisha, the Shunamite, the sons of the prophets
David, Abigail, the mighty men
Jesus, the women, and the twelve
Down through time, where are all the men?
Brothers, listen, we have to own this thing
Since Adam, we fall short
"The woman gave me the fruit!"
We are the guilty party!
Yes, Eve gave in
Yes, she offered it to him
But Adam partook by his own will
He could have said, "No"
He could have corrected her
It was he that abdicated dominion
HE was the head!!
So are we
We must return, men
We are an army asleep in the dust
Though Ezekiel stand among us
Though he speak the word of Life
That we should stand
Grow muscle and sinew
And breathe
Still it is we who must obey
We must choose to stand
Bone upon bone
Muscle: a choice
Skin by submission
Study the writ, brothers
Ezekiel does not build the skeletons
The prophet doesn't spread on the meat
He is only the messenger
The bones come to life themselves
They obey the command that is given
Armies heed commands of leaders
The valley of decision
The valley of dry bones
Bones we all are to begin with
But to be and army
We must decide to obey

Stephen Pursell, 9/04