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Brightness Of The Expanse

                                     He came that you would have life

In him you live, move, and have your being
Do you not see?
He wants to have pleasure through you
He wants you to play in his surf
He yearns to climb his trees
He wants the pleasure of good food
He wants to make babies through you
All things are for his good pleasure
Is that so much to ask?
That you would have joy?
So what if it sometimes hurts to love?
Is not the wonder of love greater?
Let him gaze at his stars
Let him reach out and touch himself
In you, in me, in him and her
Let him create through you
Let him heal through you
Let him raise the dead through you
Let him display his splendor in you
Treasures in earthen vessels
Brothers to the Son
Who is God in the flesh
His handiwork, his body
His hands and feet in creation
Out of the grave
Out of the Holy of Holies
Out of the belly: rivers of living water
He is in you
Let him out!
Let your light shine, let yourself live
Naked and unashamed in the garden they were
Clothed only in glory
Shame is nailed to a tree
Life himself is off the tree
Love himself is out of grave
And in you
To shine
Like the brightness of the expanse
Through you
Out into all creation

Stephen Pursell, 9/04