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Blessed Mother

Bless my Mom, Lord
Bless the one who sat beneath the almond tree
On Almond Avenue
In the hills above the City of Gold
Bless the one who asked you for me
This Hannah who gave a son back to you
This Anna so close and dear to you
Enfold her in your wings
Drown her in your oil of joy
Fill her cup, Lord
Show her your mercy
Every promise, every blessing
Contend with those who contend with her
And save her children
Fulfill to her your promise over them
Great will be their peace
The arrows of her beloved's quiver
Her sons from afar
Her daughter on the arm
And double portion, double portion
Double for her shame
Fill her cup Lord, fill it, fill it
No longer the dregs of oppression
But sweet wine from her own vineyard
Peace and joy in the Holy City

Stephen Pursell,
for Willene Pursell on Mother's Day, 4/4/04