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See her shine, stand back, behold her glory
Sharp lawns and crisp paint
Oroville's Southside comes to life
Clean, happy children play loudly
Smiling Mommas peer out clean of windows
Strong youths stride with dignity
Grandmas bask in safety
Once cluttered yards sparkle with order and beauty
Brilliant flower gardens dress the street
Holy music drifts out through screen doors
Southside comes into her own
Men, young and old, home from prison
Working, leading, protecting
Lawnmowers hum and birds sing joyously
Neighbors share tools and 'borrow sugar'
They carpool and break bread
Barbecue wafts on the breeze
The rich man on the hill has 'less' now
He opened his heart to his neighbor's need
The old homes are restored, now immaculate
Empty and once trashed lots are built up beautifully
Flawless, quality homes adorn them now
Come to Southside
Come see the hand of the Father
Look at his love for his dear ones
See his plan of old unfold
Curses broken, land healed, blessings opened
Thank you, Father, for your restoration
Sons from afar, daughters on the arm
The wealth of the nations
Stolen gold is back from China
In double portion
Freedom for the oppressed
Thank you, Father, thank you
For truly you will do it:
The foolish things of the world
Confounding the wise
Oroville will be Sought After
A City No Longer Deserted

Stephen Pursell, 1/28/04